I've been trying to move a vpopmail installation from one machine to 
another, but so far no luck. :/
I moved the /home/vpopmail directory and the database vpopmail. I also 
installed qmail and added vchkpw to the qmail-pop3d/run file and the 
pop3d seems to be running.

However I can not authenticate a user. The problem seems to be that the 
encrypted passwords doesnt match.
On the original machine the pw_passwd field of my testuser had the 
following string: X;mJRRXhPqoEw .
But when using  vpasswd to set the same password again it got the 
following string in pw_passwd: $1$L2fT4$jycbn1r5dlhEJclfgcZZt1

My knowledge about different encryptionmethods is limited, but is it the 
salt of the 2 different machines thats different? Or can I get hold of 
the cleartextpassword to update on the new machine with its salt?

Any help/hints/tips would be greatly appreciated and I can buy you a 
beer if you help me. ;)

Best regards,
        Eric Persson

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