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> I found a way better to create alias . I wanted to know what you the think
> about the package dot-forward. He work well with Vpopmail ?

Why do you think 'dot-forward' is a 'better way' to create aliases?
'dot-forward' is there for compatibility reasons, for those who switch from
a .forward architecture to qmail.
At least dot-forward allows you to have delivery instructions placed in
.forward (or any other) files and to be precise: the very same delivery
instructions as those allowed in dot-qmail files.

I don't know if it will work with vpopmail up to 100%, but it should.

Still: there's no reason to set up .forward files, as .qmail files do the
very same, but are natively supported by qmail.

> I am still seeking a way to add the aliases

What's your problem with .qmail files????
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