On Wed, 2002-09-04 at 11:14, Clayton Weise wrote:
 > No, but you do need to make a vpopmail database.
 > >Why has no database been created ?
 > Although vpopmail doesn't create the database, it does automatically create
 > the tables.  You'll need to make the database yourself.  Just run these
 > commands in mysql... this is just a basic template, all the values can be
 > changed, but should reflect what you specified in vmysql.h
 > The argument of whether or not vpopmail should create the database has been
 > thrown back and forth quite a bit.  Check the archives to see why and why
 > not.
 > -Clayton
 This is interesting.  I've installed vpopmail with mysql at least a
 dozen times.  It's always created the Database and tables.  However,
 I've seen several posts saying that it doesn't.  Is it possible that
 this has changed, or behaves differently on different operating systems?
 just curious

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