I've tried to search this on the sqwebmail archives and posted it on the
sqwebmail list - no luck so far.

It's a nagging little matter - but maybe someone has a solution.

On the Sqwebmail login page when using a "logindomainlist" you get a
pulldown menu of available domains. When the login page originally 
displays - there is no selection on the menu bar - just a blank space at
the pulldown bar. Once you click the menu it works just fine, and it has
all of the correct domain selections, but it looks odd when it first
opens and it's blank.

When looking at the Mo Lions club example, the bar has @molions.com (or
something like that) - but mine is blank, you have to click the pull
down to get a domain option.  Is there a way to eliminate the "blank"
and have it show the first domain on the "logindomainlist"?


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