I have a working install of QMail on a RedHat 7.3 system.  It hosts my domains 
email server.  (RP2C.COM) and all was working well.  I wanted to be able to 
host mail users without local accounts, and according to Dave Sill's book 
vpopmail was a way to do that.  I have a number of employees that I want to 
provide email to but I don't want them necessarily to have accounts on this 
system.  Also they will be coming in from the all over the internet so I 
wanted to enable POP and/or IMAP services.

I got the POP3D service running just fine, but as far as I can tell in order 
to host users mail without accounts the way to go is a virtual domain type 
service like vpopmail.  Maybe I am confused but does this mean I have to 
acquire another top level domain name?  Can't I just turn my current domain 
into a "virtual" domain as far as Qmail is concerned?  

Anyway, after installing vpopmail I altered my POP3d run file to have it use 
vchkpw as opposed to checkpassword.  At that point all logins failed, both 
for the virtual domain and the real user based accounts.

I tried telneting into 0 110 and got past the user xxxxx stage okay, when I 
put in pass yyyyyy I got an AUTH failed message.  Replacing vchkpw with 
checkpassword again and restarting the service resulted in everything working 

I am stumped?  Any ideas?


Robert Porter
RP2C Inc

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