On Wed, 2002-09-04 at 21:01, Robert Porter wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a working install of QMail on a RedHat 7.3 system.  It hosts my domains 
> email server.  (RP2C.COM) and all was working well.  I wanted to be able to 
> host mail users without local accounts, and according to Dave Sill's book 
> vpopmail was a way to do that.  I have a number of employees that I want to 
> provide email to but I don't want them necessarily to have accounts on this 
> system.  Also they will be coming in from the all over the internet so I 
> wanted to enable POP and/or IMAP services.
> I got the POP3D service running just fine, but as far as I can tell in order 
> to host users mail without accounts the way to go is a virtual domain type 
> service like vpopmail.  Maybe I am confused but does this mean I have to 
> acquire another top level domain name?  Can't I just turn my current domain 
> into a "virtual" domain as far as Qmail is concerned?  
> Anyway, after installing vpopmail I altered my POP3d run file to have it use 
> vchkpw as opposed to checkpassword.  At that point all logins failed, both 
> for the virtual domain and the real user based accounts.
> I tried telneting into 0 110 and got past the user xxxxx stage okay, when I 
> put in pass yyyyyy I got an AUTH failed message.  Replacing vchkpw with 
> checkpassword again and restarting the service resulted in everything working 
> again.
> I am stumped?  Any ideas?
> Cheers,
> Robert Porter
> RP2C Inc

Could you post your pop3d run script?  and are you using the mysql


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