Hi all,

I know this isn't the list for supporting the autoresponder, but since 
there is no list for supporting the autoresponder, I'll post here.

I've received several complaints from one of my clients.  There are 
approximately 50 accounts, some with vacation/autoresponders set 
up.  Recently, a message from one member of the company was sent to all 
other members.  Apparently some received the messages immediately, while 
others did not receive it for days, some not at all.  My hunch is that this 
clue is a bit of a red herring, since it was a long weekend just 
past.  Anyway, here is a sample of the message the original sender received:

>"qmail-send program at mail.esoteric.ca wasn't able to deliver the 
>message....This is a permanent error."  It goes on to say AUTORESPOND: too 
>many received from [EMAIL PROTECTED] ....

My instincts tell me that this is *probably* due to a number of people 
having vacation messages set up.  An attempt is made to deliver the 
message, autoresponder replies thanks but no thanks, and the message is 
deferred / queued yet again.  Eventually autoresponder denies the message 
because too many deliver attempts have been made to that particular user.


1.  Has anyone else seen this behavior?  The above messages appear in the 
logs as well, FYI.

2.  What do you believe could be causing this problem?  Do you agree with 
my theory?

3.  What can be done to fix this?

I don't consider this an urgent request, since it appears to only confuse 
the user, but its definitely a bug that needs squashing at some 
point.  Unless, of course, I've somehow managed to FUBAR my install on that 
server (despite not touching it for almost a year).


-- Steve

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