i've some new ideas. i've decided to post them here for disscussion bevore 
i start to code.

my startigpoint was that it would be nice to have really everyting in a 
database without the need of any binary C program creating the 
databaseentries. what i do not want (because i siply don't like it) is:

- a C cgi
- a webserver running at the vpop userid

one major thing to get this is allready done: valias. the next should be 
domains and accounts. this could be done by vdelivermail. when vdelivermail 
ever comes over a domain or an account that exists in the database but the 
directories are missing it simply creates them - qmail style - by calling 
vadddomain and/or vadduser. vadddomain and vadduser need a new commandline 
option. this option "checks" the maildir structure and corrects 
respectively creates it, if necessary. all this could be done with out 
breaking any existing fuctionality.

autorespond could easily be modified not to use flat files but a database. 
as said, valias, needed for autoresponders allready exists. perhaps 
autorespond should be comletely rewritten an get as vautorespond part of 

my problem is, that i've only rudimentary knowledge of ezmlm. i've no idea 
how to place all necessary information in a database nor how to create 
needed directories on the fly. i know, that everything is driven by .qmail 
files and could be easily done by valias but ezmlm binaries trust on a 
certain directorystructure afaik. any suggestions?

best regards

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