On Thursday 05 September 2002 02:30 am, Giorgio Zarrelli wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to understand the format of vpasswd file, specially regarding
> those codes used to allow and deny the access to some services like pop,
> disable account and so on.
> Is there some documentation about it? I didn't find anything in vpopmail
> docs.
> Ciao
> Giorgio

Basicly it is the same "structure" as /etc/passwd entries, 
except the uid is not really used and the gid field uses
the following bit flags.

from vpopmail.h
/* gid flags */
#define NO_PASSWD_CHNG 0x01
#define NO_POP         0x02
#define NO_WEBMAIL     0x04
#define NO_IMAP        0x08
#define BOUNCE_MAIL    0x10
#define NO_RELAY       0x20
#define NO_DIALUP      0x40
#define V_USER0       0x080
#define V_USER1       0x100
#define V_USER2       0x200
#define V_USER3       0x400
#define NO_SMTP       0x800
#define QA_ADMIN     0x1000

In addition the pw_shell field contains the quota
and if you have enabled clear passwords, it follows the pw_shell field

It's all in the source code
"No Secrets"

Ken Jones

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