Busy day for me, I've been patching left right and center.

I have patched vdelivermail.c to properly handle the exit codes generated 
by Autoresponder (by Brad Dameron), used with QmailAdmin.  Now, depending 
on the exit code returned, vdelivermail.c will either deliver it or bounce 
it.  Wait!  Wasn't it doing that before?  Yes it was, but it was not 
handling exit code 99, which aborted autoresponder but still meant for the 
message to be delivered.

As always, I've tested that patch on my systems and it appears to work 
fine.  I offer no guarantees.


And for those who are curious, here are the other patches I did today:

I've patched the autoresponder that is required by QmailAdmin for 
vacation/autoresponder's to work.  Now duplicate "From:" and "Subject" 
fields will no longer persist in messages -- and I'm sure my customer 
inquiries will go down because of it.

The details:

Autoresponder 2.0.3


- Patched autoresponder.c to allow new option "-".  This option causes 
Autoresponder to only insert the "To:" header, thus the autoresponder file 
must contain the "From:" and "Subject:" lines first.  This patch was 
submitted to Brad D, though I haven't heard back from him yet.

QmailAdmin 1.0.6


- Patched autorespond.c to include new option.
- Patched user.c to include new option.

In addition to modifying user.c (vacation messages) to use new option, I 
also increased the number of messages the autoresponder can receive from a 
unique e-mail address before it defers additional messages.  I also reduced 
the amount of time funtil the number is reset rom 24 hours to 12.  I did 
this because many offices have people sending multiple e-mails a day to an 
account with a vacation autoresponder.

I've tested this on my own production setup without problems, but of course 
I offer no guarantees.  Make sure you are using those versions listed 
above, and apply BOTH patches for it to work.  Your users will have to 
recreate their autoresponders / vacation messages in order to take effect.

-- Steve

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