I have written an RFC 2645 On-Demand Mail Relay (ODMR) /
Authenticated TURN (ATRN) server for vpopmail/vchkpw mail servers
running qmail. It has a working title of ``vodmr''. It is written 
in perl and is available under the same licence as perl itself.

It's available for download from


The current release is version 0.8, released 6th September 2002.

It should be considered as beta software. It has been tested with
fetchmail 5.9.11/5.9.13 and XATRN 1.2.2 ODMR clients and qmail-smtpd
1.03, sendmail 8.9.3/8.11.3 and MDaemon 5.0.7 SMTP servers. It hasn't
yet been subjected to widespread public testing.

This is a request for beta testers to download it, try it out and 
let me know how you get along with the program itself and its 

For the program to work, you will need:
 1. A working vpopmail/vchkpw using qmail.
 2. Perl 5 with MIME::Base64, Mail::Header, CDB_File and
    Digest::HMAC_MD5 modules
 3. Maildir mailboxes
 4. A UCSPI-TCP server (tcpserver is ideal) or inetd / xinetd

Some things to note;
 Requires vpopmail (and qmail)
 Uses your existing qmail configuration files
 No changes are needed to vpopmail or qmail
 Implements CRAM-MD5 challenge-response authentication (required by RFC)
 Uses either comment or password field of vpasswd.cdb for secrets
 Domains can be setup for ODMR with qmailadmin and/or the vpopmail
   command line tools
 Minimal implementation
 Message bouncing
 Logs to stderr (the default) or syslog 

The vodmr server is explicitly not a long running daemon.
tcpserver/inetd manage the networking elements, including starting the
vodmr daemon to service new connections. vodmr deals only with stdin,
stdout and stderr.

vodmr does not need to run as root so don't! Run it as your vpopmail
user. (It'll complain if you do run it as root)


If you want to report a problem, submit a patch, a comment or a
question please email <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>.

James Raftery <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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