I am fairly new to Vpopmail.  I am having some trouble getting it to work with Mysql authentication.
I'm using Redhat 7.2.
Prior to attempting this, I had Qmail working properly using the following steps.  I started the basic RC file out of /var/qmail/boot/home and set it to start when the computer starts.  Then, I configured Xinetd to have a SMTP file that invoked Qmail when SMTP requests came in.  The mail was then delivered into the users home directory in a Mailbox file.  This worked fine.
I have now installed Vpopmail with MySQL support.  Everything seems to work fine as for MySQL and VPOPMAIL talking. 
The part that is causing the problem is actually getting the incoming mail to vpopmail.  I'm not exactly sure how to accomplish this.  Can I simply modify the SMTP file in Xinetd?
I had to install tcpserver or whatever it is called in order to get vpopmail working.  It's installed, but I don't have the slightest idea how to make it work.
So, in short, I need to know what to modify in order to get the mail delivering properly.....
Do I modify or remove the xinetd entry?
Do I make any changes to the /var/qmail/rc file?
Do I do something to tcpserver to make it monitor requests and pass them off accordingly?
Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated.


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