>> How do i know if i had seekable patched up?
> In the source directory of vpopmail there should be two extra files -
> seek.h and seek.c - if they arent there you havnt got the patch. If
> you havnt got the source handy, then you can just create an email
> account on one of your domains that has a filter that pipes its output
> to vdelivermail and see if you get lseek errors in your mail logs. If
> you dont know how to do this, you probably dont need/want the patch.
> Check out the web page for more details particularly the mail list
> thread links towards the bottom of the page.

Yes i got both of them. Just making sure i am patched up with seekable.
Trying to get spamassassin install. Well it is much more difficult than

> [[EMAIL PROTECTED] is getting copies of the mail list again....]

Well is it because of me? My creation of the email?


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