One additional question: when you create a new mailbox, can you see it 
later from qmailadmin, editing the mailbox itself?

Another question: when you moved to mandrake (from Red Hat, I remember) dir 
you "configure & make" again your qmail/vpopmail/qmailadmin?


At 09/09/2002 09/09/2002 +0200, David Karlsen wrote:
>tonix (Antonio Nati) wrote:
>Hi Nati,
>>>We have another test-server where limiting also failed(also a mandrake 
>>>8.2 installation). The error exist also on a third backup server(also 
>>>mandrake 8.2). The .qmailadmin-limits file is chmoded root.root 644.
>>So, .qmailadmin-limits is world readable.
>Yes. But the files is owned by root, but that shouldn't have anything to 
>say since it can read the content. It was also owned by root when it was 
>working previusly.
>>What are uid/gid of your apache server? qmailadmin is running with that 
>>uid/gid, but should have a sticky bit set
>qmailadmin i setuid vpopmail.vhckpw. Apache is running under the user 
>apache. That is ok.
>>If you may create new account, is their uid/gid ok?
>>Are all your e-mail accounts under vpopmail or do you have other uids 
>The account qmailadmin i creating is ok and have correct ownership and 
>Any other toughts? The best would be if there was some kind of debugging 
>feature, like running it in foreground or from the command line and get 
>warnings and errors to stdin.
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