I know this may not be strictly a vpopmail problem per
se, but I thought I would try anyway, just in case you
are able to help.

I am using CoreLinux as my base
(http://coredistro.sf.net, which is basically just a
step up from Linux From Scratch), and have got Qmail,
ucspi-tcp, daemontools, and vpopmail installed.  I am
now trying to install Courier-IMAP.  It configures
gine, but during the 'make', exits with an error
saying it cannot find vpopmail.h.  I checked, and
vpopmail.h does exist in ~vpopmail/include.  When I
installed all of this on a Red Ht and Mandrake
machines previously (using the same configure
options), Courier-IMAP did not seem to have trouble
finding all the files it needed, including vpopmail.h.

I'm guessing I need to put ~vpopmail.h into the
include path somehow, but I did not see a configure
option for that.  Does anyone have any ideas?


Alan Murrell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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