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I have an installation of vpopmail and qmail from FreeBSD ports on a
pretty beefy machine (dual 2.2 Xeon w/RAMBUS, RAID5 SCSI).  I have about
13,000 domains being served off of it and it runs a load of about
0.30-0.50 most of the time.  

My questions are as follows:

1) Is there a way to enable SMTP auth in qmail without patching?  I'd
like to keep things straight from ports if at all possible.  The
SMTP-after-POP does not meet our needs for a couple of reasons and I'd
like to implement another means of relaying.  SSL-enabled SMTP auth
would be even better :-)

2) Even while running a relatively low load as described above, and
utilizing far below the max number of tcpservers running POP3 processes,
users occasionally get a situation where their mail clients (and this is
on Eudora, Outlook, and others) will popup the password dialog and ask
them to re-login.  Their client usually caches the password, but it is
the issue that for some reason they seem to be getting asked for their
info again.  I realize that POP3 is stateless and that each mail check
needs a new login, but it's like their auth is getting refused from time
to time.  Has anyone seem similar behavior? 

Thanks for any leads on either issue. 

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