One of my clients has been running a server with the "relaymailfrom" 
hack for years. I've been telling them for as long as I've been 
working with them that they would get blacklisted if they didn't 
switch to SMTP-AUTH. Well, they got listed & now I have to implement 
SMTP-AUTH. I know that CRAM-MD5 issues are fixed as of 5.3.6 (Woohoo! 
Thanks, Bill!), & I know that 5.3.8 seems stable from what I've seen 
on this list, but I'm still nervous deploying dev software on a 
production box. So, question #1 is: will there be a new stable 
version soon?

I would also appreciate it if anyone has time to critique my upgrade plans:

Back up /var/qmail & /home/vpopmail

Grab fresh qmail source

Patch with SMTP-AUTH patch

make setup check  #This is non-destructive as far as existing control 
files, etc., no?

Install vpopmail 5.3.8 over existing 5.2.

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