I have am using vpopmail with mysql.
I "think" I have it setup correctly.
I have added a domain mdlan.co.uk
a vdominfo shows
[root@jordan bin]# ./vdominfo mdlan.co.uk
domain: mdlan.co.uk
uid:    517
gid:    90
dir:    /home/vpopmail/domains/mdlan.co.uk
users:  3
and id of vpopmail
[root@jordan bin]# id vpopmail
uid=517(vpopmail) gid=90(vchkpw) groups=90(vchkpw)
so all looks setup well.
however if I visit my qmailadmin site and admin mdlan.co.uk with the postmaster account I get the error
file permission error /home/vpopmail/domains/mdlan.co.uk/postmaster/Maildir/1031654585.qw
I am confused as
1.) I don't know what the file 1031654585.qw is
2.) My file permisions look fine

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