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At 9:44 AM -0500 9/10/02, Ken Jones wrote:
>On Monday 09 September 2002 09:01 pm, Kit Halsted wrote:
>>  One of my clients has been running a server with the "relaymailfrom"
>>  hack for years. I've been telling them for as long as I've been
>>  working with them that they would get blacklisted if they didn't
>>  switch to SMTP-AUTH. Well, they got listed & now I have to implement
>>  SMTP-AUTH. I know that CRAM-MD5 issues are fixed as of 5.3.6 (Woohoo!
>>  Thanks, Bill!), & I know that 5.3.8 seems stable from what I've seen
>>  on this list, but I'm still nervous deploying dev software on a
>>  production box. So, question #1 is: will there be a new stable
>>  version soon?
>I think it's about time we release a new "production" version.
>The "development" version 5.3.8 doesn't seem to have any problems.
>We are running it in production.

Cool, I'll just go with 5.3.8 & hope you don't change version numbers 
when you start calling it the production version.  ;)

>  >
>>  I would also appreciate it if anyone has time to critique my upgrade plans:
>>  Back up /var/qmail & /home/vpopmail
>>  Grab fresh qmail source
>>  Patch with elysium.pl SMTP-AUTH patch
>>  make setup check  #This is non-destructive as far as existing control
>>  files, etc., no?
>>  Install vpopmail 5.3.8 over existing 5.2.
>That works. Recompile any programs that link the vpopmail library too.

Apologies for the ongoing questions, but what programs are those? I 
don't think I'm running any that won't be rebuilt by installing the 
new version, but I may just be hugely ignorant here. (Just running 
vpopmail, no web admin stuff, no imap.)

Thanks again,
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