This is an old thread but I didn't seen an answer. I currently have a domain that is an alias domain of and when vuserinfo -d
[EMAIL PROTECTED] is used I get "no such user [EMAIL PROTECTED]" I have about
100 alias domains so this is a cumbersome processes. Any tips would be


> Hi-
> I'm running vpopmail-5.2.1 with the seekable patch on qmail 1.03 from
> Guenter.  I am also using SpamAssassin.  In order for SpamAssassin to find
> a user's vpop directory, I have a maildrop script (the one that comes with
> SpamAssassin) which runs '~vpopmail/bin/vuserinfo -d $EXT@$HOST' (among
> other things).
> Now, vuserinfo works fine if given an address like [EMAIL PROTECTED], but if the
> user has supplied an extension address of the form [EMAIL PROTECTED] (which
> vdelivermail would deliver to [EMAIL PROTECTED]) vuserinfo returns the 'no such
> user [EMAIL PROTECTED]' error.  So it appears that vuserinfo isn't resolving
> the extension address into its corresponding real username.
> I know I could replace $EXT with just $EXT1 in my maildrop script, but
> a user with the real username abc-xyz would have problems.  I searched the
> archives, but couldn't find a patch or workaround.  Please let me know if
> you know of one.
> Thanks.
> -Russ

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