I recently upgraded vpopmail (using mysql) and my ability to send mail to
user-ext@domain is now broken.

for example:
[EMAIL PROTECTED] delivers to me fine however
[EMAIL PROTECTED] gets sent to the postmaster.

I compiled vpopmail with the --enable-qmail-ext=y option but it did not fix
my issue.  I am using version 5.3.8

Here is a log entry:
==> /var/log/qmail/qmail-send/current <==
@400000003d88993d29e41d0c new msg 144325
@400000003d88993d29e47eb4 info msg 144325: bytes 900 from
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> qp 1896 uid 516
@400000003d88993d29f42684 starting delivery 3861: msg 144325 to local
@400000003d88993d29f43624 status: local 1/10 remote 0/120
@400000003d88993d2a7cf20c delivery 3861: success:
@400000003d88993d2a7d114c status: local 0/10 remote 0/120
@400000003d88993d2a7d1534 end msg 144325

Any ideas?


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