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> On Wed, 18 Sep 2002, Clayton Weise wrote:
> > I agree on both points.  I feel that these mailing lists
> should be for the
> > odd problems that can't be solved by doing a simple search
> on google, or
> > reading through the archives.  But not everyone takes
> things that far.
> There are also so many questions that come up so often that a FAQ is
> sorely needed.  Then the flaming would be easier.  Reply to a
> 6 page email
> with a pointer to the FAQ. :)

There is an FAQ.  Granted, it could probably use and update as well as
being setup so that clicking on the question takes you to the answer,
but it's still better than nothing.

It can be found at:


> You also have to remember that even someone who knows what
> they are doing
> for the most part can get horribly lost if they jump in and
> try to learn
> qmail/vpopmail/courier-imap/sqwebmail all at the same time...
> Charles

As one who just recently (maybe half a year ago) jumped in and began the
process of learning all of these applications, I agree.  The key is
research, research, research.  Putting together a publicly accessible
email server (ie. not purely for internal use and without an internet
connection) is not a task that is to be taken lightly.  There are so
many good references available to help you along, most notable "The
qmail Handbook" by Dave Sill, that asking for help right from the start
without having done the most basic of research is rightfully vilified.


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