> From: Justin R. Miller 
> Said Justin R. Miller on Wed, Sep 18, 2002 at 03:19:43PM -0400:
> > Having gotten a chance to look at this, it seems like it requires
> > MySQL backend for authentication.  I use the vpasswd files.  Does
> > anyone have a solution for this?
> For anyone who is curious, I have altered vpopmail to do just the SMTP
> relaying stuff in MySQL and NOT the whole auth backend.  It seems to
> work cleanly, and combined with the tcpserver -S patch, proves to be
> quite fast and reliable.  I am running about 600 POP3 logins per
> and there is no delay when adding the IP addresses to MySQL, and the
> relaying via tcpserver is quite fast too.
> I will post my patch soon if there is interest.

Please note one in favor of interest :-)


Stig Martin Fiskaa

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