I have been looking at them, and the domains in qestion are in the files in 
/var/qmail I can edit the text files to get rid of the domains in question, 
but they also appear to be in some of the binary files there. How do I get 
them back into shape?

On Friday 20 September 2002 12:02, Justin R. Miller wrote:
> Said Darren McClelland on Fri, Sep 20, 2002 at 11:56:56AM -0700:
> > I'm in the process of transferring a bunch of mail domains to a new
> > server and added a bunch of domains to the new server via vadddomain.
> > Something went wrong with some of them and now I have a bunch of
> > domains that vdeldomain says don't exist, and yet vadddomain says
> > already exist and won't delete. I would just reset vpopmail and qmail
> > to graound zero, except that I already have two domains that are
> > already active on the new server and don't want to mess them up.  This
> > is vpopmail-5.2.1 with qmail.
> Check /var/qmail/users/assign, /var/qmail/control/rcpthosts,
> /var/qmail/control/morercpthosts, and stuff in
> /usr/local/vpopmail/domains (or wherever your vpopmail prefix is).  I
> think those are the main places where configurations are stored.

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