This is not a problem so much with vpopmail, as a problem with the
of information.  vpopmail takes care of managing qmail's configuration
as well as it's own, and therefore, various things must be modified for
a migration.

The most important files you will need to move over:
  /var/qmail/controls/*    (obviously cant forget these)

  /var/qmail/users/assign  This file maps ownership to deliveries.  The
                           userIDs and groupIDs must match the vpopmail:vchkpw

Last but not least, run /var/qmail/bin/qmail-newu to compile

There's a variety of things that can cause problems during a migration. 
are the common ones more experienced users of vpopmail will come
across.  The
more basic ones are making sure .qmail-default exists under the domain's
and making sure your vpasswd file isnt corrupt, or that the vpasswd.cdb
is not out of date, broken, etc.

Ryan White wrote:
> I am having a similar problem. I am moving domains to a new server and the
> new server says the domains do not exist. I am using mysql and the domain
> info is in the database. For some of the domains I ran vadddomain and the
> domains will start working. The problem is vadddomain overwrites the
> .qmail-default (and possibly other data). So my question is what is the
> proper way to migrate a vpopmail server and initialize the domains? Is there
> something that does vtouchdomain ;)
> -Ryan
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Darren McClelland" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Sent: Friday, September 20, 2002 11:56 AM
> Subject: [vchkpw] Domains that both exist and don't exist
> > Hi,
> > I'm in the process of transferring a bunch of mail domains to a new server
> > and added a bunch of domains to the new server via vadddomain.
> > Something went wrong with some of them and now I have a bunch of domains
> that
> > vdeldomain says don't exist, and yet vadddomain says already exist and
> won't
> > delete. I would just reset vpopmail and qmail to graound zero, except that
> I
> > already have two domains that are already active on the new server and
> don't
> > want to mess them up.
> > This is vpopmail-5.2.1 with qmail.
> >
> > Any ideas?
> > Thanks,
> > Darren McClelland
> >

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