Tell me what data do you need.
I can reproduce the error: everytime i try to use qmailadmin, if I want to
create a user, y get as responso a page saying "internal server error..."
But the user was created, but can see it then in the users list.

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It's hard to say what happened without an audit of your system.
Can you reproduce the error?
If so, I'd like to debug the execution.
Sounds like it might need some bullet proofing.

Ken Jones

On Friday 20 September 2002 07:16 pm, Martínlistas wrote:
> Hi. I have installed qmailadin... was working great, till i changed the
> server time... afeter that, if I try to create a new pop account,
> qmailadmin just give me "Internal server error...."
> I reinstalled qmailadmin, after not finding what it was wrong. So, has
> anybody a clue of what can be wrong? Qmail is workng OK, vpopmail too.

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