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> Hello,


> it's me again.  My question is quite the same:

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> Is there a way to get the passwords of local users as I am the admin
> and want to migrate all users to another server (which already IS
> setup up)? 

Did you read an answer to you question by Copy Wright? If you want to
setup each users on the server manually. You can retain the old password
of every  users by enabling the password learning feature of vpopmail.
Next time they login, vchkpw will learn their password.

The other solution is to copy the appropriate files: assign, vpasswd,
and their cdb versions. Pay attention to the uid and gid, they must be
the same for old and new servers, otherwise adjust accordingly.

> At least some domains should be set up on my new server and therefor I
> need the passwords of the users to create them...  otherwise each user
> must re-create him- or herself. Is there a way to do this? Which
> method is used to encrypt the user's passwords?

See above, either create users with blank password and enable
--enable-learn-password, or copy the files from the old server. The
method used is crypt(3). There is no way you can decode the password

> Bye and thanks, Werner.

H. D. Lee

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