Werner Schalk [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] wrote:
> I have compiled vpopmail and
> after I added some domains and
> users the traffic is just too high
> I get "user is over quota" errors,
> how can I increase the default quota per
> user after compiling vpopmail?

"Clayton Weise" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> To my knowledge, you have to recompile to get a new default value.

If you want to increase the default quota for *new* users, then recompiling
would help.

But if you'd like to increase the quota of existing users, then
vmoduser -q
will be able to help you.

To run vmoduser against all users in your machine, Jonas Pasche's script
should be able to help you list all users.

for D in `awk -F : '{ print $5 }' < /var/qmail/users/assign | uniq` ; do
  if [ -e $D/vpasswd ] ; then
    awk -v N=`basename $D` -F : '{ print $1"@"N }' < $D/vpasswd

Hey Jonas, I like this script very much! :-)


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