* Davide Giunchi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [020924 13:40]:
> Hello.
> What about LVS w/ qmail+vpopmail for load-balancing and ha of SMTP and POP3 
> services ?
> I'm worried about the ability of LVS to support ~ 300 POP3 + 200 SMTP 
> concurrent connections.
> The use of LVS will make the administrator's live easier for load-balancing 
> feature and high-availability capacity of lvs with mon, but what about 
> performance of the single load balancing server that will get a lot of 
> connections?

If you use DR (Direct Routing) there is very little data between the client
and the router. For a deeper description se:

Joseph Mach has done some performance testing and have documented it at:

Patrick O'Rourke and Mike Keefe at Mission Critical Linux have an exelent
document about LVS performance at: 

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