Oh boy, only excuse I can make is that I was tired.

I ended up changing the aliases to forwards by changed the content of
.qmail-alias_user to


and of course it worked (cause it was being re-injected)

I am still curious though, if something similar could be achieved with
an actual alias rather than a forward :)


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Sent: Thursday, September 26, 2002 1:33 PM
Subject: [vchkpw] *cross post* qmail aliases and mailfiltering

> Hi all,
> sent this to the maildrop list as well, but thought the people here
> be a good source to ask too :)
> What I am trying to do is get aliased accounts filtered, ie, mail sent
> to an alias, which goes to the real user gets caught by maildrop, so
> that it can be collated properly. The .qmail-alias_user only
> the mail to the users Maildir, doesnt seem to allow it to be handled
> either vdeliver, or maildrop (cause it doesnt seem to be re-placed in
> the queue.. just physically moved)
> This one is puzzling me a bit, and is probably not too hard, but a
> search of the archives on both the vpopmail list and the maildrop and
> didnt seem to
> show a solution for me.
> Setup - qmail, vpopmail, maildrop (all working, individual .mailfilter
> files, also working)
> I have various aliases created, which create the appropriate
> ~vpopmail/domains/some.domain/.qmail-alias_user file, something like
> this
> content of .qmail-alias_user
> /home/vpopmail/domains/some.domain/real_user/Maildir/
> this works 'properly' in that it ends up placed in the 'real' users
> Maildir.
> However I also have an entry in the 'real' users mailfilter, that
> take mail being sent to this alias, and re-direct it to a folder for
> easy collation... something like this
> ~vpopmail/domains/some.domain/real_user/.mailfilter looks something
> this:
> ###################
> #header - To:
> #match - [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> #delivery - to - alias_user (the folder I want it to end up in)
> exception {
>               if (/^To: *alias_user@some\.domain$/)
>   {
>    to "$VHOME/Maildir/.alias_user/"
>   }
>  }
> ############################
> (should move any mail received that was sent to alias_user to the
> I have to collect it all)
> This file is included into a domain wide mailfilter (used for SPAM
> stuff) and the format works.
> However, this one, even though the To IS [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> ends up in the real_user INBOX.
> I would guess (have been reading tho I am not sure bout this) that it
> may be because the .qmail-alias_user hasnt got anything in it to allow
> it to be handled by maildrop, and isn't placed back for vdeliver to
> process, just moved to the Maildir/ of the real user.
> I was wondering what I would need to do to the .qmail-alias (if that
> the right place), to re-process it perhaps so that the real users
> .mailfilter catches it out of the queue, either that, or if anyone has
> done this sort of thing, if you could give me a few pointers on how
> did it, it would be really appreciated.
> Thanks heaps
> David
> (learnin more every day)

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