Hi Boris,

Thanks for the assistance.

I've tried compiling OpenLDAP with "./co
figure --prefix=/usr/local/openldap --wi
hout-kerberos --without-tls --disable-kpasswd --without-cyrus-sasl"

and still the vpopmail binaries seemed to be linked to all the SSL/Kerberos
libs that openldap uses.

Any ideas ?

Do you know if my "./configure" I've mentioned above are correct to disable
SSL/Kerberos in openldap ?

Thanks for the help so far, it is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks and kind regards.

David Wilson
+27 83 787 7424

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Subject: Re: [vchkpw] vpopmail and OpenLDAP with kerberos ?

> Ok last thing you can do
> is that: simply download latest openldap
> compile it WITHOUT openssl (not recommended but in youre case...)
> kerberos or whatever and than compile vpopmail
> and offcourse remove old openldap :))
> But first check who needs ldap in your environment
> (Maybe boss :>>>)
> (Are you on this list anyway because I send this mail on both addresses)

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