Hi, everybody at Inter 7 and all list users,

I have recently had a problem when adding a new domain in a friend of
mine's server.
I also have to tell you that it is solved, but I would want to know the
cause and the meaning
of message error. Here you are:

Oct  2 20:49:08 an vpopmail[2497]: vchkpw-pop3: autocreate dir errno 13

Then the entry into /var/qmail/users/assign file was: 


while the other domains or users have uid:gid 512:104. 

Directories created was also with 89:89 uid:gid, and log error was
"access denied".

Please, I would like to know why this has occurred. System passwd file
in /etc never has been changed and this
uid:gid (89:89) doesn't exist at all. I don't understand anything...

Thank you, as usual,

Alejandro Ortega Paez <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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