I've asked a couple times about getting Postgres support into autoconf.

I finished the code (still needs some testing from a fresh install) that
Nelson Fung started.  Nelson was kind enough to provide some
configuration files that let me compile Postgres support using vpopmail
5.3.4.  I'm currently running it in a production environment with just
over 800 email accounts and two domains.  I'm not having any issues that
I know of.

Anyone had any luck getting autoconf support for Postgres?  With that, I
would be able to test with the current version of vpopmail on a fresh
system.  I would offer to do it but don't know much about autoconf.


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Before posting this message I searched in the archives and there are two
messages asking the same thing without replies. I expect receive at
least one... :)

I'm asking again because everyone can see there are some vpgsql.* files
in the distribution but there is nothing in the site or docs about
PostgreSQL support.. Does it work? Is it stable? Can be used in


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