I'm in trouble with quotas... Who isn't? :-)

I'm usign qmail 1.03, vpopmail 5.3.8, qmailadmin 1.0.6,
vqadmin 2.3.2, Courrier-IMAP 1.4.4 and a few goodies...

I have applied qmail-maildir++ patch to enable POP support
and it's working perfectly, except for these problems:

a) When quota size in account properties is changed using
vqadmin (or vsetuserquota), file maildirsize isn't updated.
So, I need to manually delete this file, once it will be
automatically created with correct size on next mail.

b) When quota usage is higher 90%, a file named quotawarn
(0 byte) is created in Maildir root and a mail (warning)
is sent to the correspondent account. That's ok, but after
purging messages, this file isn't removed, and I will
nevermore receive that warning again, even if I delete it.

c) Automatically 15 minutes updates mentioned in doc
doesn't work. It is implemented?

Well, here goes my question: all these behaviors are normal?




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