Steve Fulton writes:
> 3.  Diligent sysadmin checks logs .. delivering okay.  Sysadmin checks
> queue .. hmm, missing messages in queue.  Sysadmin -HUP's qmail-send
> and see's some messages delivered, sometimes, and sometimes none.
> Sysadmin checks logs, and see's messages from autorespond saying too
> many messages received from user, delaying.

SIGHUP causes qmail-send to reread locals and virtualdomains.  You want to
send it SIGALRM, which causes it to reschedule everything in the queue for
immediate delivery (i.e. it tries to delivery everything).

> This is what I believe is happening:  The messages are being
> delivered, and auto-responses are being sent until the hard-coded
> limit of 3 messages in 86400 minutes (1 day) from a single user are
> received.  Then autorespond does not send an response to the sender,
> and for some reason, the original message is NOT delivered and is
> re-queued for later.

QmailAdmin creates .qmail files with the autoresponder line first and the
Maildir line second.  Thus if  the autoresponder exits with 99, qmail-local
will not deliver to the Maildir.  Placing the Maildir line before the
autoresponder will fix this.

If you always want the message to be delivered to the Maildir, regardless of
whether or not the autoresponder succeeds, then this is the way to go.
However, if the autoresponder returns 111 (soft error), this will result in
multiple deliveries of the message to the Maildir.  In this case, you will
need a base .qmail file that delivers the message to the Maildir and
forwards it to a separate address that contains the autoresponder, as
recommended by dot-qmail(5).

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