Hi !

I'm absolutely sure, that I have the new binary because of the filedates
I decided to start straight from the begining, so I delete qmail..
vpopmail.. qmailadmin, and start installing. So that I will log all
configure options, and If the problem remains the same, I will send the
logs to you. (If others are interested then I will send it to the list).



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Hello Medgyesi,

On Monday, October 7, 2002 at 11:46:51 PM you wrote:

> Nooooooooooo I screamed, after installing vpopmail 5.3.8, because the
> problem remained the same......

Make absolutely sure you're using the 'new' vdelivermail binary.

Move the old vpopmail bin directory out of the way

mv ~vpopmail/bin ~vpopmail/bin.old

and do a 'make install-strip'

If it still fails: please provide your complete (and exact) configure
settings for vpopmail, so we might be able to check if there is a
special condition nobody else has met yet.
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