On Tue, 8 Oct 2002 17:17:28 +0200
"Christian [Kanzie] Nilsson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>> What user your POP3 daemon is running as? ('-u' switch in tcpserver
>> clause if you make use of tcpserver)
> I do use tcpserver, did not have any specified user or group, read
> that it would inherit the $envuidgid so it would be taken care of.

So your 'qmail-popup' process was started as root?

> However now I added "-u 89 -g 89", restarted the whole chebang (using
> the qmailctl restart - command copied from lifewithqmail.com) and
> received a new error, dont know if that is a step forward or backwards
> =)

Backwards, I think.

The reason I cited 

> Oct  7 18:03:02 morrison vpopmail[15408]: vchkpw: setgid 89 failed

was that I don't know why your qmail-popup process, which spawns vchkpw,
was not able to 'setgid()'. If running as root this shouldn't happen;
and setgid() is necessary to read the 'vpasswd.cdb' file.

So either make sure the processes are running as root or when running as
User/Group vpopmail/vchkpw make sure your vpopmail (plus
qmail-smtpd startup script) uses

~vpopmail/etc/tcp.* instead of /etc/tcp.*

as these should be owned by vpopmail, while '/etc/*' should better be
owned by root (therefore you get the new error when starting as

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