This looks to be another vpopmail bug. There are a few still out there that
have not been corrected even after being reported many times. Not sure how
often it is being worked on anymore. As I don't see many status reports or
even responses to bugs being posted. I for one have posted a bug and how to
reproduce it several times and have yet to get a response back.

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> But I think the intended/preferred behavior should be to not send the
> autoresponse, yet still receive the original message into the mailbox.
> At least that's how I understood the original message, and how I
> understood the behavior of autorespond.
> Autorespond shouldn't do anything to affect the delivery of the
> original message.  It should only decide whether to respond or not.
> On Monday, October 7, 2002, at 11:21 AM, Brad Dameron wrote:
> > Of course it is going to block the messages. It thinks that she is
> > spamming
> > it with a whole lot of messages. It is doing exactly what it was
> > designed to
> > do. I have never heard of anyone that CC's themselves to make sure the
> > message is delivered. Why not put a request on the message so the
> > client
> > sends the recieved and read message back to her like most people do.
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