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Which directories did you mount as NFS?  Are you using CDB files or an SQL 
backend for authentication?

-- Steve

>I'm trying to share maildir directories with NFS from a backend file 
>server to distribute load on a couple frontend pop/smtp boxes. In my first 
>tests, everything works ok at the moment with vpopmail, qmail-pop3d and 
>courier-imapd managing remotely exported mailboxes, but I get a 
>nfs-related locking error when trying to add/edit user accounts, changinng 
>passwords, quotas, etc.
>vpopmail tools complaint with non-NFS related error messages, but when 
>running them thru strace, I find a timeout while trying to lock vusers cdb 
>files. NFS client boxes are linux, server is a filer, nfs mount 
>options are the defaults (got error when trying to switch to tcp-based 
>nfs), and lockd service is enabled.
>I know this is not directly related to vpopmail, but what nfs settings are 
>appropiate for this purpose?

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