I think that was it - recompiling the add-on utils. i downloaded vqadmin 
2.3.3 (which isn't mentioned anywhere on the inter7 site - when you go to 
download the current development release, it refers to 2.3.2), and now it 
seems to be working okay.


At 02:14 PM 10/9/2002, Michael Bowe wrote:
>Are you adding new domains/users via vqadmin, or from the command line?
>If you are doing it via vqadmin, then try adding from the command line and
>see if that works.
>Remember that when you install a new version of vpopmail, you also need to
>recompile any add-on programs that are using the vpopmail libraries eg
>qmailadmin, courier-imap (and also vqadmin although I dont use vqadmin
>myself so couldnt say for sure)

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