Package: vqadmin 
Version: 2.3.4 (devel)
Devel Home:

The latest development version of vqadmin is now available at

ChangeLog from 2.3.2 (devel) follows:

            "Chris Stump" <chris at inter7 dot com>
09/27/02  - Added eFilter enable/disable capabilities
          - Made vqadmin default to English if an unsupported language is
            set in user's browser

09/15/02  - Modified to set permission on <html 
            instead of <html dir>/vqadmin
            </chris at inter7 dot com>

09/04/02  - match the html dir directive with vpopmail's.
          - match new variable (old: wwwroot, new: htmldir) in
          - simplify (one statement instead of two) chmod/chown of
            htmldir/images/vqadmin dir
          - update html templates to use href=/images/vqadmin/vqadmin.css
            instead of href=../../html/images/vqadmin/vqadmin.css
          - change style sheet file name from vpop.css to vqadmin.css

08/08/02    <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
          - Various trivial overflow fixes
08/07/02    "Chris Stump" <chris at inter7 dot com>
          - Qmail control file viewing/modification functionality
          - Modified and to correctly place vpop.css

            "Jeff Keys" <jeff at gvinfosvcs dot net>
          - Added vpop.css and improved HTML templates

07/30/02    "Maciej Gruszczynski" <maciek at mgt dot pl>
          - New Polish translation

07/29/02    "Robert Jonker" <rjjonker at chello dot nl>
          - New Dutch translation

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