On 10 Oct 2002 10:45:54 -0500
Albert Hopkins <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I just noticed that vpopmail (i think) is overwriting my
> /etc/tcp.smtp.cdb file, I assume for the pop-before-smtp ability. 
> However, there are some rules which I would like to always be present.
> Before vpopmail, I'd put them in /etc/tcp.smtp and then recreate the
> .cdb file, but vpopmail appears to overwrite the .cdb and I lose my
> settings.  Is there a way to tell vpopmail to "always include these
> rules"?

vpopmail should preserve settings in (in include them when rebuild .cdb
file) the file you gave it while configuring with option


At _default_ this is '~vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtp', so you seem to have
changed that option (why???) and should know which file this is.

I'd suggest re-configuring and re-compiling vpopmail with setting 


explicitely and using this file both for vpopmail (and your manual
rules) _and_ tcpserver process that starts SMTP daemon.

Remember to make 'make distclean' before configuring vpopmail tarball.

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