On Thursday 10 October 2002 20:15, Paul Theodoropoulos wrote:
> probably not possible. but i was wondering if there's any way an additional
> 'comment' field could be added to vpopmail. reasoning: we have one 'main'
> domain where customers who don't have their own domain can get a personal
> email address. we have several hundred of them. we'd like a way to
> associate the email address with an account name. if we use the 'real name'
> field, that will of course show up in the email header, and most folks
> don't want to be known as e.g. <John Doe, acct #NK4357>.  what would be
> nice is a non-published comment field, that would only show up in vqadmin
> or qmailadmin.
> thoughts?
i don't know.. buy what about the gecos field ?
does this exist for some reason? and if so.. couldn't it be used for just this 
purpose ?

/Justin Heesemann

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