Hi all,

Got what may be a silly question, but I have read the doccos etc, and
havent found a specific answer to this one.

The file permissions on the ~vpopmail directory structure all map out to
basically only the user vpopmail can access it (well and root of
course), now, to do some things involving getmail and maildrop I need to
be able to write to those directory structures without being able to set
the process owner as vpopmail, although I CAN set group to vchkpw -
actually need to write various files to the virtual users directories,
but same sort of deal, if the group cant list, it cant find...:).

I was wondering what the effect would be on vpopmail operations if list
rights were granted to the group (vchkpw) only to the domain tree, so
that an external proecss can get to some of the specific files inside
the users Maildir directory structures?

(I dont want to just do this and perhaps break a running server, so I
thought I would ask first)

Thanks for the time


David Cook

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