I think vpopbull uses the vauth_getall() function.
This function should return an entry for every user
in the system. For cdb it uses the vpasswd.cdb file
for mysql it uses the entries in the tables. For each
user returned, it will use the directory entry for their
Maildir location. If the Maildir doesn't yet exist it won't
be able to write the file. vpopbull doesn't automatically
create Maildir directories for users that have not had
a directory assigned to them.

Ken Jones

On Monday 14 October 2002 03:28 am, Edoardo Serra wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using vpopmail 5.2.1 with mysql authentication, to add a user to a
> domain I simply add a record to the DB
> and vpopmail will create the user directory as soon as they login or they
> receive a message.
> If I use vpopbull to send a mail to every user of the domain, the users who
> have never logged in or
> nevere received a mail won't receive the vpopbull mail, probably because
> the don't have yet their
> own Maildir
> Am I right or I have to look for the problem somewhere else ?
> Regards
> Edoardo Serra

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