It seems that tarpit patch only works to stop spammer. However, some users used scripts to send large amount of advertising emails throught my SMTP server and each connection only use 1 or 2 RCPT TO. I can't stop them using my SMTP server. I just want to limit the number of emails they can send within a period of time. For example, users can only send 100 emails in 1 day.
Can spamGuard be able to do this? Or any other solution?
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From: John C
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You could put the tarpit patch on qmail which puts a sleep in multiple RCPT TO commands Ex. CCs
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From: Martin Chung [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
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Subject: [vchkpw] Qmail AntiSpaming

Is there any tool or patch to control Qmail sending emails out?
Can I control the numbers of emails sending from a user within a period of time?
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