im an integrating my companies existing qmail/vpopmail/mysql server and an
older setup into one.  i have three boxes that would be the
listed mail exchangers and would also perform limited virus checking and
spam prevention.  mail comes in to one of them, passes through filtering
process, if not rejected, then forwarded to the real mail server where
actual mailboxes reside on some raid equipment.  this plan seems great to
me, but i have one problem.  smtp auth.  if i have qmail/smtp-auth set up on
all three of these boxes and the actual server with users maildirs is on
another box, how are any mails gonna make it through?  well im thinking i
could set up vpopmail on all boxes with mysql replication and have the main
mail server as the master, but that seems a bit much to me.  all the other
notions i have in my head about how to do this just don't seem clean enough
to really want to implement.  i just need a method for qmail/smtp-auth on
these three mail exchangers (gateway) to use the auth info from the main
mail servers vpopmail/mysql database. does anyone have any suggestions?
thanks all.


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