my config
 qmail 1.03
 ezmlm 0.53
 ezmlm-idx 0.40
 vpopamil (feb 2002) don't remeber version

 courier-imap (feb 2002) don't remeber version
  Today one user was sending mail(4mb attachment)  from imap via

Was the mail sent to a mailinglist managed by ezmlm?  How big is the
partition for /var/qmail?
The user was using an imap account [EMAIL PROTECTED] with the sender
addresss of [EMAIL PROTECTED](a list in my server)

at one point the server stopped to service outlook

After 30 min the server restart to respond, but not to all mail account
in @some.domain.
in the [EMAIL PROTECTED] all the user subdir exist, but if
i try vuserinfo i get : no soch user

The lists are in sql and i can access them trugh qmailadmin.
Are this mail file corrupted? is it possible?


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