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On Wednesday, October 23, 2002, at 12:55 AM, tonix (Antonio Nati) wrote:

2) I'ld like to have other options in qmailadmin-limits, that could permit to deny some functions to 'admin' users that are not 'postmaster':
ex. deny_list_create
Yes, this would be great.  Do you have any code that implements this?
No Bill, I'm just willing to do it. If it looks interesting, I'll raise its priority among my jobs.

It could be interesting to know what to deny, in all's opinion.
Ideally, I want to have all the same functionality in qmailadmin that EZWEB has. Some thought needs to go into that, as well as the limits you are suggesting. I won't have time to work on that right now, as I'm still trying to integrate other things.


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