Ken, all:

I've posted 5.3.10 devel on my site:



10/23/02 "Bill Shupp" hostmaster at shupp dot org
- Added limits table layout to vmysql.h
- Changed valias_line to be type "blob" to compensate for large
mailing list commands. Increased FILE_LINE_SIZE to 1024 in
vcalias for the same reason. vcalias now escapes FileLine input.
Thanks to Brad Dameron for pointing this out.
- Added disable_smtp support to the new vlimits functions
- Fixed so that --enable-mysql-limits is now reported
after running configure
- Moved format_maildirquota() to the vpopmail library. Updated
vlimits.c to use format_maildirquota() for default_quota.
- format_maildirquota() now uses 1024 and and 1048576 when
converting KB and MB instead of 1000 and 1000000, respectively.

10/23/02 "Anders Brander" anders at brander dot dk
- vdelivermail: Check for | *before* /Maildir/ in .qmail processing
- vdelivermail: Add missing case for error code 100

Please help test, and report any problems to the list.


Bill Shupp

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